Vale Cleaning Solutions


Oven cleaning removing a grease and carbon building up using chemicle dip tank

Hate Cleaning Your Oven?

Let Vale Cleaning Solutions take care of the jobs you hate and in a few hours we will have your oven back to its former glory.

Our process involves stripping down your oven, removing all shelves, racks and any panels which are then placed into our vehicle mounted dip tank,ensuring all mess is kept away from your kitchen. We will then clean your oven removing all grease and carbon build up. Upon completion all clean parts are refitted, along with any requested bulbs/filters, leaving your oven sparkling clean and ready for instant use.



Ceramic £15.00

Gas 4 ring hob £20.00

Range Hob £25.00


Single oven £55.00

Double oven £65.00

Range 1 door £75.00

Range 2 door From £85.00

Single grill £15.00

Standard hood / extraction and filters £20.00


2  Door £90.00

3 Door £100.00

4 Door with side module £140.00

Bulbs and filter replacements from £3.00

Microwave                                   BBQ

Stand Alone £20.00                      From £65.00

Built in /Combi oven £35.00